We hold stocks of competitively priced Blue Label cedar shingles with accompanying ridges, used for roofing applications.


With a permanent stockholding of more than 60 hardwood species, sourced from sustainably managed forests around the world Whitmores Timber Ltd is able to control raw material quality from sawmill to specifier.






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Cedar Shingles

Cedar Shingles

This type of smooth sawn, architecturally uniform cedar shingle is preferred for its natural and tailored appearance and is used on traditional, modern, and non-residential structures. For use on roofs and sidewalls.

For more information about installation, maintenance and many other areas please visit the "Cedar Shake & Shingles Bureau" web site.

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16 Inch 5X Shingle Chart
    No. 1-Blue
WOOD: Clear Area All
  Sapwood None
  Flat Grain None
  Checks None
  Defect Size None
LENGTH: Maximum None
  Minimum 15"
  Exposure Line 5"
WIDTH: Maximum None
  Minimum 4"
  Under Size % 10%
  Minimum 3"
  Off Parallel 1/4"
Coverage = 25 sqft per bundle  



Cedar Shingles

The Cedar Shingles are delivered in bundles